Sunday, 7 February 2010

Training Week -13

Monday was very icy - with even the main roads not being gritted properly, however the rest of the week was mild, although wet at times. So I managed to get quite a bit of cycling in this week, and didn't have any band practices or work trips. I'm still not cycling that fast though and get overtaken by mountain bikes, and I'm having trouble trying to shed my excess pounds. I may have to take the drastic step of eating less! This week's diary was:
  • Mon - gym
  • Tues - cycled 19 miles and spinning
  • Weds - cycled 16 miles
  • Thurs - swam
  • Friday - cycled 14 miles
  • Sat - cycled 47 miles to Watlington and back
  • Sun - cycled 16 miles

Total cycled 112 miles. Weight 11st 10lb.

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