Sunday, 28 February 2010

Training Week -10

We had quite a bit of rain this week, but at least it was above freezing - although not very springlike. I did a 55 mile circular ride through Chesham, Amersham, High Wycome, Thame and Wendover in about 4.5 hrs including stops (average 12mph). The forecast was for showers but it rained heavily during most of my trip. I found that my waterproof overshoes didn't protect me against cycling through puddles as water seeped through the soles, but at least my feet were warm. I also tried out some SiS powdered energy drink, but found it too sickly, so will stick with Ribena and chocolate bars. I also bought a new helmet and wrap around slightly tinted cycling glasses - pictured.

This week's activities:

  • Mon - swam

  • Tues - spinning class and cycled to work (16 miles)

  • Wed - cycled to work (16 miles)

  • Thurs - gym and cycled to work (16 miles)

  • Fri - rest day

  • Sat - 55 mile ride

  • Sun - swam

Total cycled 103 miles. Weight 11st 9lb.

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