Sunday, 21 February 2010

Training Week -11

Nicky and I stayed 3 nights in the Cotswolds this half-term week and I cycled the 40 odd miles each way. The picture left is me wrapped up in waterproofs at the start of a wet cold day before cycling home. At the start of the week we spent 2 days walking in the countryside and around Blenheim Palace and made use of the hotel pool and gym. We also had lots of good food and big breakfasts, so I'm not making much progress in shedding weight. I hope to get down to 11st 0lb before the start.

The cycling seems to be getting a bit easier, and provided I've had a good breakfast and enough caffeine, after the first half hour endorphins kick in and I get into 'the zone' as they say.

This week's diary:

  • Mon - Walked about 7 miles plus swim
  • Tues - Walked about 7 miles plus gym
  • Wed - Cycled 42 miles home
  • Thurs - Cycled to work (16 miles)
  • Fri - Cycled to work (16 miles) plus gym
  • Sat - Cycled 19 miles
  • Sun - Cycled 21 miles (in 1.5 hrs = 14 mph average)

Total cycled 114 miles. Weight 11st 9lb

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