Sunday, 31 January 2010

Training Week -14

The weather was ok this week, apart from heavy frosts and a bit of snow at the weekend. However a work trip to Newbury (on my spinning class day), a gig in Cambridge yesterday and our son's 18th lunch party today stopped me from cycling as much as usual. I focussed on building up my lower body muscles in the gym (quadriceps and glutes). My diary was:
  • Mon - swim
  • Weds - gym
  • Thurs - cycled to work
  • Fri - cycled to work and gym
  • Sat - 3 mile walk

Total cycled - 32 miles. Weight - 11st 9lb.

Funding Update: Mike and I (mostly Mike) have now raised £3721 of the £5500 we need to raise by the start of March to both qualify for the fundraising option. If you take into account Gift Aid (which isn't part of the target amount) we've raised £4362.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Training Week -15

No snow or ice this week, so I managed to cycle in to work twice and did a 28 mile ride yesterday. I also had a few trips to the gym where I focussed on building up lower body strength. I also went to the gym on days I cycled in - which is upping my game a bit. This was my diary:

  • Mon - cycled from garage to work (4 miles) gym

  • Tues - cycled to work (16 miles) plus spinning class

  • Wed - swim

  • Thurs - cycled to work (16 miles) plus gym

  • Fri - 3 mile run

  • Sat - 28 mile bike ride to Stewkley (picture at Wingrave - seat donated by Vaclav Havel!)

  • Sun - 5 mile walk

This week's statistics: Weight 11st 9lb. Cycled: 64 miles

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Training Week -16

I've decided to add a weekly update on how my training's going, counting down from week -16. This week was very snowy with the roads barely fit for driving never mind cycling, so I didn't cycle to work. I also had a work conference on Tues involving an overnight at Heathrow, which meant I missed my Tues lunchtime spinning class. I did manage the following though:
  • Mon - gym
  • Wed - swim
  • Thurs - gym
  • Fri - swim
  • Sun - 5 mile walk in morning, 14 mile bike ride in afternoon (Tring, Aldbury, Ashridge, Ivinghoe Beacon, Pitstone, Marsworth, Tring)

I seem to have put on about a quarter stone since Xmas whilst the bad weather's stopped me cycling to work. This week's stats: Weight 11st 10lb. Cycled 14 miles. Things can only get better!