Sunday, 17 January 2010

Training Week -16

I've decided to add a weekly update on how my training's going, counting down from week -16. This week was very snowy with the roads barely fit for driving never mind cycling, so I didn't cycle to work. I also had a work conference on Tues involving an overnight at Heathrow, which meant I missed my Tues lunchtime spinning class. I did manage the following though:
  • Mon - gym
  • Wed - swim
  • Thurs - gym
  • Fri - swim
  • Sun - 5 mile walk in morning, 14 mile bike ride in afternoon (Tring, Aldbury, Ashridge, Ivinghoe Beacon, Pitstone, Marsworth, Tring)

I seem to have put on about a quarter stone since Xmas whilst the bad weather's stopped me cycling to work. This week's stats: Weight 11st 10lb. Cycled 14 miles. Things can only get better!

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