Sunday, 28 February 2010

Training Week -10

We had quite a bit of rain this week, but at least it was above freezing - although not very springlike. I did a 55 mile circular ride through Chesham, Amersham, High Wycome, Thame and Wendover in about 4.5 hrs including stops (average 12mph). The forecast was for showers but it rained heavily during most of my trip. I found that my waterproof overshoes didn't protect me against cycling through puddles as water seeped through the soles, but at least my feet were warm. I also tried out some SiS powdered energy drink, but found it too sickly, so will stick with Ribena and chocolate bars. I also bought a new helmet and wrap around slightly tinted cycling glasses - pictured.

This week's activities:

  • Mon - swam

  • Tues - spinning class and cycled to work (16 miles)

  • Wed - cycled to work (16 miles)

  • Thurs - gym and cycled to work (16 miles)

  • Fri - rest day

  • Sat - 55 mile ride

  • Sun - swam

Total cycled 103 miles. Weight 11st 9lb.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fundraising Target

Today our fundraising target of £6000 was reached! Thanks everyone. I paid my £1150 hotel and meal costs myself - so all my donations will go to the charity.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Training Week -11

Nicky and I stayed 3 nights in the Cotswolds this half-term week and I cycled the 40 odd miles each way. The picture left is me wrapped up in waterproofs at the start of a wet cold day before cycling home. At the start of the week we spent 2 days walking in the countryside and around Blenheim Palace and made use of the hotel pool and gym. We also had lots of good food and big breakfasts, so I'm not making much progress in shedding weight. I hope to get down to 11st 0lb before the start.

The cycling seems to be getting a bit easier, and provided I've had a good breakfast and enough caffeine, after the first half hour endorphins kick in and I get into 'the zone' as they say.

This week's diary:

  • Mon - Walked about 7 miles plus swim
  • Tues - Walked about 7 miles plus gym
  • Wed - Cycled 42 miles home
  • Thurs - Cycled to work (16 miles)
  • Fri - Cycled to work (16 miles) plus gym
  • Sat - Cycled 19 miles
  • Sun - Cycled 21 miles (in 1.5 hrs = 14 mph average)

Total cycled 114 miles. Weight 11st 9lb

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Training Week -12

I've just got back from a 3 day break over half term and last week is a distant memory. I cycled to our hotel Eynsham Hall (pictured left) near the Cotswolds, whilst my wife drove - in the support vehicle. The weather was a bit wet most of the week, but I cycled to work a couple of times and did my usual spin, swim and gym sessions.

    • Mon - rest day

    • Tues - spinning class plus cycled to work (16 miles)

    • Wed - cycled to work (16 miles)

    • Thurs - swam

    • Fri - gym

    • Sat - cycled 10 miles

    • Sun - cycled to Eynsham Hall near Witney, via Thame (48 miles)

    Total cycled 90 miles. Weight 11st 8lb.

    Saturday, 13 February 2010

    Transport There and Back

    Today I've finally managed to book my train ticket to Penzance for the day before the start. They only release the tickets about 12 weeks in advance, there are only 6 spaces for bikes on each train, and they won't tell you the exact date the tickets are available. So I've been phoning on a daily basis for the last week or so - got to know the people in the Indian call centre quite well.

    I also booked a flight back from Inverness to Luton on the day after we finish. I was going to travel back by train, but Discover Adventure have arranged a bike courier service for £85, which with a flight of £30 is cheaper than the train ticket. It also means I can spend some time hobbling around Inverness and having a celebratory Sunday lunch with Mike, as both our flights are in the late afternoon.

    Sunday, 7 February 2010

    Training Week -13

    Monday was very icy - with even the main roads not being gritted properly, however the rest of the week was mild, although wet at times. So I managed to get quite a bit of cycling in this week, and didn't have any band practices or work trips. I'm still not cycling that fast though and get overtaken by mountain bikes, and I'm having trouble trying to shed my excess pounds. I may have to take the drastic step of eating less! This week's diary was:
    • Mon - gym
    • Tues - cycled 19 miles and spinning
    • Weds - cycled 16 miles
    • Thurs - swam
    • Friday - cycled 14 miles
    • Sat - cycled 47 miles to Watlington and back
    • Sun - cycled 16 miles

    Total cycled 112 miles. Weight 11st 10lb.