Sunday, 2 May 2010

Training Week -1 The Final Countdown....

The week started quite well with a couple of trips to work in the sun, but then things went downhill a bit. Firstly the weather got showery and windy and secondly I developed a sore throat and cold from about Weds onwards and by Friday I could hardly talk. I phoned my doctor and he gave me a prescription for antibiotics. This seemed to help a bit and my throat is almost back to normal although I still have a cough and feel a bit run down. My band had a gig last night near Cambridge and I managed to do some backing vocals (and bass) even though I was having trouble talking! I've just done a 14 mile circuit up Ashridge in quite blustery weather. Tom's Hill seemed harder than usual because of my cold I think, but once I had got the old heart pumping the adreneline took over (or is it endorphine?) and I felt ok. Mind you it was mainly down hill from then on! The picture above is of bluebells in Ash Ridge near to Deer Leap.

I also stripped down my bike a bit, removing the luggage rack and bike stand and fixing fittings for a large wedge shaped saddle bag that is big enough to carry waterproof jacket and trousers, or an extra bottle of drink.

We're supposed to just do a few miles on bikes this week, so despite my bout of cold I still did enough.

  • Mon - cycled to work 16 miles
  • Tues - cycled to work 16 miles
  • Weds - swam (band practice)
  • Thurs - rest day - ill
  • Fri - rest day - ill
  • Sat - busy with band
  • Sat - cycled round Ashridge and Marsworth 14 miles

Total cycled 46 miles. Weight 11 st 7 lb

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  1. Good luck to you both I will keep tracking you the weather forecast is looking better for the week ahead Chris Farrar