Saturday, 29 May 2010

Day 11 Fri 14th May Bonar Bridge to Betty Hill 62 miles

We left our castle and headed off over a footbridge then northwards towards Bettyhill. We stopped for coffee and cake that Discover Adventure had arranged at Crask Inn. The Famous 5 later had an ice lolly stop at a camp site.
We saw some Red Deer cross our path and cycled along Strath Naver which seemed to be the playground of the rich - lots of fly fishing going on and Range Rovers.
Eventually we reached our hotel at Bettyhill - which was a bit basic, but had good baths and I had a room to myself again.
We had a buffet lunch at the hotel and I had a hot bath and a brief rest. I was keen to go for a swim in the Atlantic and Alice was keen too. We decided to keep our lycra trousers on in case the sea was freezing but it wasn't too bad. Mine needed a wash anyway. There were a couple of surfers and the sea too and we stayed for about 15 minutes. Mike came along later and after we'd tested the water and sauntered down to the sea for a swim too in just his swimming shorts.

We had quite a good meal although the service was a little slow as the Lithuanian waitress didn't understand English or Scottish!
We had a drink in the hotel bar which was full of locals and had a juke box.

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