Saturday, 22 May 2010

Day 2 Weds 5th May Liskeard to Tiverton 84 miles

Today was supposed to be the hardest day of the trip over Dartmoor. Fortunately the weather was fine and sunny and not too hot, although the forecast was for possible showers on the moor and there was a north east headwind. We wen't through our usual routine of an alarm call at 6.30am, cooked breakfast at 7am, followed by a few words from the team leaders (like don't forget to have waterproofs handy on the moor), then meet by 8am by the vans with luggage and stretching exercises. One van carried our 'day bag' which we could access at lunchtime and the other van carried our overnight bag, which did the morning and afternoon 'water stops' or 'coffee and afternoon tea' as I prefer to think of them.
We stopped for coffee by the side of a church in Tavistock (Mike in red pictured right) before our ascent up hills over Dartmoor. The incline wasn't too bad and we made it up relatively easily - although I was glad of my 'granny gears'. Mike's right knee was suffering a bit by then, having overdone it a bit on the first day - him being the more competitive one of us brothers. My knees were ok - and my sore throat had pretty well gone, although I was still on antibiotics and had quite a chesty cough, which I think was making me a bit more tired than usual. We got to know the team members a bit better either when cycling two abreast or at stops. However Mike's habit of chatting whilst riding up hills wasn't that popular with some, and he took the hint!

Picture to the left is of Eddy being followed by Alice. We had some nice rides over Dartmoor by the Prison (where DA Kenny used to be Governor ..or was he an inmate?), then onto our lunch stop of hot food, possibly pasta, that Kenny would make in the morning after shopping at a supermarket. Devonshire cream buns were on the menu I think, and it was mini Cornish pasties the previous day. After lunch there were a few more hills in rolling Devonshire countryside before we tackled Exeter and made it to Tiverton where we stayed in quite a good Great Western Hotel, with nice rooms and good food. That night Mike and I both had a back massage from one of Angela's friends who was providing her services (all above board I may add) for a charity donation. Kenny on the other hand was massaging legs for a free pint. The team were in good spirits after completing the so called hardest day, into a headwind without too much trouble.

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