Sunday, 25 April 2010

Training Week -2

The weather was warm and sunny this week, so I cycled to work quite a bit. I did a 44 mile ride on the Saturday and didn't want to overdo it, as I had a gig with my band that evening and needed to conserve energy. I also started sorting out my kit - 5 pairs cycling shorts, 14 t-shirts etc, knee bandages, pain gels etc! My legs are feeling pretty fit with no knee twinges, stiffness or taught muscles, so I hope to keep it that way. I'll do pretty much the same next week except will only go for a short ride at the weekend. Off to Penzance on Monday 3rd May!

This week's diary:
  • Mon - worked from home - 14 mile ride after work
  • Tues - cycled to work 16 miles
  • Wed - rest day - swam and band practice
  • Thurs - cycled to work 16 miles
  • Fri - - cycled to work 18 miles (back via sailing club)
  • Sat - 44 mile ride to Great Horwood
  • Sun - rest day - walk and allotment

Weeks mileage: 108 miles Weight 11st 8 lb.

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