Sunday, 28 March 2010

Training Week -6

Daffodils have at last flowered and trees and bushes are sprouting leaves and blossom. The weather was mild with showers, including a heavy storm that caught me on the way home. I had a waterproof trousers and jacket on but my feet got drenched as I didn't have time to get my overshoes on, and my 'waterproof' gloves got wet via my wrists. I did a 69 mile ride yesterday via Chinnor, Thame, Brill (nice town on a hill), Buckingham and Wing. I felt a bit stiff on Sunday and had the odd twinge in my knees, so maybe I need to have more rest days in future. Although, I no longer find cycling the 8 miles each way to work on flatish roads much of an effort - as I've been doing it for 2 years or so. I plan to get my saddle and shoe cleat positions checked next week as this can cause knee problems on long rides.

This week's diary:
  • Mon - cycled to work (16 miles)
  • Tues - cycled to work (16 miles) plus spinning
  • Wed - cycled to work (16 miles)
  • Thurs - cycled to work (16 miles) plus swim
  • Fri - gym
  • Sat - 67 mile ride
  • Sun - walk and allotment (planted early pots)

Total cycled: 133 miles. Weight 11st 8lb.

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