Sunday, 21 March 2010

Training Week -7

I took my bike in for a service this week, partly because there was a clicking sound when I pedalled, but mainly to avoid any problems on the trip. The workshop (Bucks Bikes) said I needed new brake pads, brake and gear cables, chain and casette, plus their 'silver service'. The bill was almost half the cost of the bike - £155! Anyway as they were replacing the gear casette I decided to change it from a 11-28 to a 11-30 sprocket one so I had an extra low gear - or 'granny gear'. Trouble is I can't find any hills steep enough to try it out (with my 28/38/48 chainwheels). In bottom gear going uphill my speed is around 4 mph, and if you go any slower than this it's difficult to balance (and you might as well walk anyway). I'm sure though it will be used when I'm tired, going up hills with the wind in my face.

I had a good week training wise, and did an 83 mile bike ride yesterday, mostly in the rain. My route was Thame, Wallingford, Henley, Marlow, Stokenchurch, Chinnor and home - in about 8 hours. I think I may be overdoing the sweet drinks and chocolate on a trip, as I seem to put on weight after a ride. I like to think I'm turning fat to muscle though. I felt ok afterwards and today - just a little stiff.
  • Mon - cycled to work (16 miles)
  • Tues - cycled to work and back the long way (20 miles) plus spinning
  • Weds - gym (band practice)
  • Thurs - cycled to work (16 miles) and swim
  • Fri - cycled at lunchtime (13 miles)
  • Sat - cycled 83 miles
  • Sun - 5 mile walk plus allotment

Total cycled: 148 miles Weight 11st 9 lb

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