Saturday, 13 March 2010

Training Week -8

I had to work in Cambridge at the start of the week, so couldn't do any training, except exercises those days. However I was quite pleased as I was a bit stiff from my weekend 64 mile ride. I only managed to cycle to work once this week, and missed my spinning class too. However I've just done a 72 mile round trip via Buckingham, Bicester and Thame in 6.5 hrs (averaging 11mph inc stops). I was passed by lots of road/racing bikers, but they were probably only doing 30 or so miles.

The weather was dry with sunning intervals - as you can see from the photo of Great Horwood, near Buckingham where I had some of my flask of coffee and biscuits. This week's diary:

  • Mon & Tues - no training except weights and exercises at home
  • Weds - gym
  • Thurs - cycled to work (16 miles) plus swim
  • Fri - 3 mile run
  • Sat - 72 mile ride
  • Sun - walk

Total cycled 88 miles. Weight 11st 8lb

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you've had a pretty productive week despite not being able to train at the beginning of the week. I can't until I'm able to cover those sorts of distances - you're an inspiration!